feb 24: pete simonelli + hazel atlas (music) + mitchell feldstein   7 pm
Pete Simonelli is a writer and audiobook narrator in NYC. He is the vocalist for the band Enablers.
Kevin Robert Thomson, aka Hazel Atlas, has been musically active since the mid 1980’s. These days he is best known as one of the guitarists and song writers for the band Enablers. He lives in Oakland, California and spends much of his time on the road.
Mitchell recently had his 3rd volume of prose/poetry Even Change published by Paradigm Publishing. He also played drums in the rock outfit Lungfish. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.
march 6: bunny rogers + lawrence giffin   7:30 pm
hosted by Chris Hosea




feb 7: astrid lorange + diana hamilton  7 pm
in association with Poetry Time at The Chateau
Astrid Lorange is a writer and teacher from Sydney, Australia. She lectures at UNSW Art & Design. With Andrew Brooks, she is one-half of the critical art collective Snack Syndicate. Poetry chapbooks include Ex, Pathetic Tower, and FOOD TURNS INTO BLOOD.
Diana Hamilton writes about crying, shitting, consenting, kissing, dreaming, fainting, writing, and reading. Specifically, she’s published a few books on these subjects, including God Was Right (forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse) and The Awful Truth (Golias Books).
jan 31: aurelia guo + joseph yearous algozin  7 pm
in association with Poetry Time at The Chateau
Aurelia Guo is a writer and researcher based in London. She is the author of 2016 (After Hours Ltd.), HOME INTRUDER EDITION (Publishing-house.me) and a forthcoming pamphlet through Gauss PDF.
Joey Yearous-Algozin is the author of 20+ files/books & a member of the publishing collective, TROLL THREAD. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Grand Opening! January 19, 2018 • 6:30 PM
Chelsea Hodson + Gabby Bess
curated by Ben Fama